12 Awesome Things Featuring Star Wars

Angry Birds Star Wars

2. Angry Birds Star Wars

This popular mobile game series has over 100 million downloads including android, iOS and Windows phone. Angry birds released two series based on popular movie franchise Star Wars. Angry Birds Star Wars was released on November 8, 2012. Merchandise related to the game was released on October 17. The game is a crossover with the Star Wars original trilogy, and casts the Angry Birds as the Rebels and the Pigs as the Empire. Angry Birds Star Wars II was released on September 19, 2013. The game is compatible with Hasbro Telepod technology to allow the player to summon a specific bird or pig into the game. The game is a crossover with the Star Wars prequel trilogy, and for the first time allows players to be either on the Bird Side as the birds or the Pork Side as the pigs.